Managed Services

We love helping businesses navigate complex IT technical and procedural challenges. We do this by really listening to your needs, and designing the perfect Managed Services plan for you.

In today’s technology connected world where every business not only wants to but must be able to conduct business anytime and anywhere in the world on any day of the week. So this means a new mindset in managing IT. A new mindset focusing on prevention of an IT failure over a mindset of reacting to an IT failure.

The management of your IT systems is no longer a cost but an investment that allows a business to trade, and earn profits as efficiently as possible.

At Computer Troubleshooters Bunbury our aim is to exceed your expectations, and help you to reach your business goals by leveraging technology.

Computer headaches?

Some of the Managed Services provided for a fixed monthly fee are:

  • Constant monitoring of your system’s performance, with appropriate adjustments

  • Patch management

  • Full disaster recovery system design, implementation, maintenance and regular testing

  • Monitoring and management of your security solutions ensuring your business and your valuable data is kept safe

  • Cloud services monitoring and management

  • Quarterly maintenance, consultation and review of your systems ensuring you are always at the cutting edge

  • Peace of mind knowing we are proactively managing your IT continuously removing the risk of failure and a loss of productivity for your team

  • No unforeseen costs as the risk of breakdowns is minimised via daily health checks of your IT systems meaning you can invest in the right areas to grow your business

  • Increased staff morale as they work on systems that are performing to their optimum levels (no slow internet) meaning less frustration and greater engagement in their daily activities

  • Confidence that your business can be operational in minimal time increasing your customers satisfaction with you reducing the risk of losing customers

Computer headaches?
Computer headaches?

We understand that being your IT management team, is a position of trust.

We are proud of our long term relationships with clients in Bunbury, the South West of WA and beyond.

Please feel free to visit our MySouthWest mini-site and read some of our client reviews.

Our Client Reviews

In the end knowing you have a partner that is your IT department and is completely focused on:

  • Your business by being committed to you

  • Providing the right services at the right time that can be scaled as you grow

  • Consistency in the top-level maintenance and support provided to you

  • Being a trusted partner and advisor on all matters ICT

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